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A new method for placing and lifting root meshes for estimating fine root production in forest ecosystems
Hirano Y, Noguchi K, Ohashi M, Hishi T, Makita N, Fujii S, Finér L
Plant Root 3: 26-31. doi:10.3117/plantroot.3.26
  December 15, 2009

Genotypic differences in root traits of rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlings grown under different soil environments
Naoki Matsuo, Toshihiro Mochizuki
Plant Root 3: 17-25. doi:10.3117/plantroot.3.17
  June 11, 2009

Impact of soil compaction on root architecture, leaf water status, gas exchange and growth of maize and triticale seedlings
Grzesiak MT
Plant Root 3: 10-16. doi:10.3117/plantroot.3.10
  March 16, 2009
Erratum: Plant Root Vol. 5, 24 (2011)

QTL mapping of above-ground adventitious roots during flooding in maize x teosinte "Zea nicaraguensis" backcross population
Mano Y, Omori F, Loaisiga CH, Bird RMcK
Plant Root 3: 3-9. doi:10.3117/plantroot.3.3
  February 19, 2009

Crisis and opportunity
Karahara I
Plant Root 3: 1-2. doi:10.3117/plantroot.3.1
January 29, 2009

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