Plant Root

ISSN 1881-6754


Plant Root publishes original papers, either theoretical or experimental, that provide novel insights into plant roots. The Journal’s subjects include, but are not restricted to, anatomy and morphology, cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology, interactions with soil, mineral nutrients, water, symbionts and pathogens, food culture, together with ecological, genetic and methodological aspects related to plant roots and rhizosphere. Work at any scale, from the molecular to the community level, is welcomed.


Plant Root is intended as an electronic online journal that is accessible at no cost from all over the world. Plant Root does not have issue numbers, and each volume corresponds to a calendar year. This style allows us prompt publication of the papers after the acceptance. Each paper will be published as a PDF file with layout in virtual A4 size pages, and assigned both page numbers and a DOI name. The papers in Plant Root will be linked to a worldwide network of academic publications through the CrossRef Web Services.

All manuscripts are peer-reviewed by two referees. Typically, the manuscript will be reviewed and returned to the corresponding author within a month or so.

Plant Root is managed and supported by volunteer works of plant root scientists. The publication of papers submitted in the first four years (2007–2010) is free of charge. Plant Root is sponsored by the Japanese Society for Root Research (JSRR) and partially suppoted by the J-Stage, but the authors are not required any membership. The Editorial Board consists of the expert scientists working in various countries, and welcomes contributions by plant root scientists in various academic fields.