Plant Root

ISSN 1881-6754

Review Process

All manuscripts are peer-reviewed following the procedure outlined below.

Initial manuscript evaluation:
In a few days after the manuscript is submitted via e-mail (electronic submission system), one of Editors in Chief send an acknowledgment of receipt and a manuscript reference number to the corresponding author by e-mail. The Editor in Chief assigns an appropriate Editor, a so-called Subject Editor, based on the manuscript contents. The Subject Editor evaluates the manuscript first, and, if the manuscript is insufficiently original, has serious scientific flaws, has poor grammar of English language, or is outside the aims and scope of the Journal, the Subject Editor decides rejection of the manuscript . Authors of manuscripts that are rejected at this stage will be informed within two (2) weeks of receipt.

Peer review process:
The Subject Editor will send the manuscript that meets the minimum criteria to at least two (2) experts for review. Two reviewers are matched to the paper according to their expertise. We welcome suggestions for up to five potential reviewers (with name, address, and e-mail address) from the author, but these recommendations might or might not be used. The Managing Editors inform the onset of the peer review to the author when the manuscript is sent to the reviewers.
The reviewers will make a scientific assessment and recommendation to the Subject Editor based on following review criteria. Reviewers are not expected to correct or copyedit manuscripts. Language correction is not part of the peer review process.

Review criteria
* Originality and significance
* Profitable and appropriate topic to readers of the Journal
* Methodological correctness
* Accuracy of statistical application in experiments and results
* Results are clearly presented and support the conclusions
* Correctly referenced previous relevant works
* Follows the Instructions for Authors

Typically, the manuscript will be reviewed and returned to the Subject Editor within three weeks. In case of a disagreement, the Editor might ask a third reviewer to assess the manuscript for another week.

Final decision:
The Subject Editor will make a final decision on the manuscript, generally within five or six weeks after its receipt. It will be either accepted, accepted with revision, or rejected. A final decision will be sent to the author along with any recommendations made by the reviewers, which might include verbatim comments by the reviewers.

Revision of manuscript:
Revised manuscripts must be returned to the Plant Root editorial board ( within 60 days. A revised manuscript received after this period will be considered as a new submission. For provisionally accepted articles, authors are asked to revise and submit them within two (2) weeks.