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Copyright Policy (2022-)

From 2022, articles in Plant Root are published under terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY; and copyright of an article is retained by its author(s) except for materials added by JSRR. As for articles published in or before 2021, copyright of the articles are retained by JSRR (Please see below).

Copyright Policy (2007-2021)

Papers accepted for publication in Plant Root become the copyright of the Japanese Society for Root Research (JSRR). Author(s) will be asked to sign a Copyright Transfer Agreement. Author(s) can download the form from our format archieve ( and should submit a completed form with their manuscript by scanned image of the form to "".

Articles will not be published until the signed Copyright Transfer Agreement has been received by JSRR.
After signing the Copyright Transfer Agreement, it is assumed that authors have obtained permission to use published material described below.

Author's rights

As author(s), you retain rights for large number of author uses. These rights are retained and permitted without the need to obtain specific permission from JSRR.

  • The right to make copies of the article for their own personal use, including for education and research.
  • The right to present the article at a meeting or conference, and to distribute copies of such paper or article to the delegates attending the meeting.
  • The right to use all or part of the paper/article in personal compilations or other scholarly publications of author's own work.

The authors are permitted to post an electronic version of the article on their own personal website and on free public servers in the subject area. Do not delete the bibliographic information including the URL of journal web site printed in the article.

See "Use in institutional repository" for the policy related to institutional repositories.

Other uses by authors should be authorized by JSRR, and authors are encouraged to let JSRR know of any particular needs or requirements.

Open access policy

Plant Root is an open access journal. Users (readers) are required to observe the following policies:

  • Anyone may browse and download the articles published in Plant Root without charge. However, the copyrights of the articles are reserved by the Japanese Society for Root Research (JSRR).
  • Temporary use of all or part of an article for a presentation (e.g., use of figures in a university lecture, an oral presentation in a symposium) is permitted as long as the source is clearly indicated in the presentation. Use in a permanent medium (book, website, etc.) is expressly excluded from the permitted cases.
  • Non-profitable interpersonal redistribution of an article (PDF or printout) is permitted as long as the article remains intact without any modification. Institutional redistribution inside the institute (for example, from the library to an institute staff member) is also permitted.

For other use of materials in articles (institutional redistribution in a database, use of a figure in a book, etc.), please make an inquiry to the Editorial Board of Plant Root.

The JSRR may take appropriate action if an individual or organization violates JSRR copyrights.

Use in institutional repository

Institute or company that the author(s) belong may use a PDF copy of the paper for nonprofit institutional web site/repository without the need to obtain specific permission from JSRR, as long as the PDF file remains intact without any modification.