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Increased expression of ethylene receptor genes during low pH-induced root hair formation in lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) seedlings: direct and indirect induction by ethylene and auxin, respectively
Takahashi H, Nakamura A, Harigaya W, Fujigasaki R, Iwasa T, Inoue Y
Plant Root 4:53-64. doi:10.3117/plantroot.4.53
December 22, 2010

Plant roots: autopoietic and cognitive constructions
Barlow P
Plant Root 4: 40-52. doi:10.3117/plantroot.4.40
August 25, 2010

Formation and extension of lysigenous aerenchyma in seminal root cortex of spring wheat (Triticum aestivum cv. Bobwhite line SH 98 26) seedlings under different strengths of waterlogging
Haque ME, Abe F, Kawaguchi K
Plant Root 4:31-39. doi:10.3117/plantroot.4.31
July 26, 2010

Genetic variation in the gravitropic response of maize roots to low temperatures
Hund A
Plant Root 4: 22-30. doi:10.3117/plantroot.4.22
June 17, 2010

Carbon inputs by irrigated corn roots to a Vertisol
Hulugalle NR, Weaver TB, Finlay LA
Plant Root 4: 18-21. doi:10.3117/plantroot.4.18
June 17, 2010

Prof. Yoav Waisel passed away on February 24 2010, 79 years old
Eshel A
Plant Root 4: 17. doi:10.3117/plantroot.4.17
April 13, 2010

A simple method for dehydrogenase activity visualization of intact plant roots grown in soilless culture using tetrazolium violet
Kurzbaum E, Kirzhner F, Armon R
Plant Root 4: 12-16. doi:10.3117/plantroot.4.12
April 2, 2010

Effects of shoot-applied gibberellin/gibberellin-biosynthesis inhibitors on root growth and expression of gibberellin biosynthesis genes in Arabidopsis thaliana
Bidadi H, Yamaguchi S, Asahina M, Satoh S
Plant Root 4: 4-11. doi:10.3117/plantroot.4.4
March 12, 2010

Back in the forest
Karahara I
Plant Root 4: 1-3. doi:10.3117/plantroot.4.1
March 5, 2010

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