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IRRI’s drought stress research in rice with emphasis on roots: accomplishments over the last 50 years
Henry A
Plant Root 7: 92-106. doi:10.3117/plantroot.7.92
December 29, 2013

Enhancement of nitrogen uptake in oat by cutting hairy vetch grown as an associated crop
Tarui A, Matsushima A, Asakura S, Yamawaki K, Hattori R, Daimon H
Plant Root 7: 83-91. doi:10.3117/plantroot.7.83
December, 2013
Estimated amounts of N transferred to oat were 2.7 g m-2 with cutting of hairy vetch

Response of microbial respiration from fine root litter decomposition to root water content in a temperate broad-leaved forest
Kawamura A, Makita N, Osawa A
Plant Root 7: 77-82. doi:10.3117/plantroot.7.77
November 26, 2013
Water content of fine root litter is the most important factor determining microbial decomposition activity variations.

Overexpression of CsDFR and CsANR enhanced flavonoids accumulation and antioxidant potential of roots in tobacco
Kumar V, Yadav SK
Plant Root 7: 65-76. doi:10.3117/plantroot.7.65
November 19, 2013
cDNA encoding DFR (CsDFR) and ANR (CsANR) from tea were overexpressed individually in tobacco

Auxin biology in roots
Takahashi H
Plant Root 7: 49-64. doi:10.3117/plantroot.7.49
September 27, 2013
This article summarizes and analyzes metabolism of auxin and its roles in root growth and development

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Interactions of ericoid mycorrhizal fungi and root pathogens in Rhododendron: In vitro tests with plantlets in sterile liquid culture
Grunewaldt-Stöcker G, von den Berg C, Knopp J, von Alten H
Plant Root 7: 33-48. doi:10.3117/plantroot.7.33
September 20, 2013
The hypothesis that ericoid mycorrhizal fungi (ERMF) control root pathogens was tested

Different root growth patterns of tomato seedlings grown hydroponically under an electric field
Tataranni G, Sofo A, Casucci C, Scopa A
Plant Root 7: 28-32. doi:10.3117/plantroot.7.28 September 18, 2013
Electric fields may be useful for controlling tomato root growth

Relationships among distribution of fine roots, soil DOC concentration and Collembola
Fujii S, Yamada A, Fukushima K, Saitoh S, Kitayama K, Takeda H
Plant Root 7: 21-27. doi:10.3117/plantroot.7.21
July 26, 2013
Soil DOC concentration was correlated with fine root biomass, but not with collembolan distribution

Comparing root porosity of sunflower adventitious root segments using cross-sectioning and buoyancy method under hypoxic condition
Ahmadi S, Mostajeran A, Shokrollahi S
Plant Root 7: 12-20. doi:10.3117/plantroot.7.12
July 25, 2013
Two methods were compared to evaluate the porosity of sunflower roots

Intact roots promote shoot regeneration from hypocotyl independent of exogenous plant growth regulators in eggplant in vitro
Tanaka H, Johkan M, Mitsukuri K, Tezuka T, Furukawa H, Oda M
Plant Root 7: 5-11. doi:10.3117/plantroot.7.5
July 12, 2013
CDMi is a simple and efficient method for obtaining multiple shoots

Earthquake and plant root researches II
Ichirou Karahara
Plant Root 7: 1-4. doi:10.3117/plantroot.7.1
July 12, 2013

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